2021 Events

Wednesday, June 23

A day in The Springs, East Hampton ---

A Summertime Excursion on Wednesday, June 23

This unique trip showcases two contrasting residents of The Springs. Jackson Pollock and Judith Leiber. Two more different perspectives and achievements cannot be imagined. Eye opening guided museum tours will provide in depth views of their work. An informal lunch will be held outdoors in a park like setting with water view and osprey preserve.

Pollock Krasner House

Jackson Pollock, was the leading force behind the abstract movement in the art world. He was a radical, who redefined art, famous and notorious beyond convention. We will visit the Pollock Krasner House and see where and how his iconic masterpieces were created. Much emphasis will be on his process, materials as well as personal life with Lee Krasner. The film Pollock (Amazon Prime: Ed Harris, Marsha Gay Harden, Val Kilmer) used this house as its setting for many scenes.

Judith Leiber Collection

The Judith Leiber Collection is housed in a Renaissance styled Palladian edifice bordered on a sublime sculpture garden. On view are 600 minaudieres. Leiber’s dazzling bejeweled bags were worn by First Ladies as well as pop stars. These master works are dazzling, opulent and their shapes wildly imaginative. Currently Leiber’s 100th Anniversary is being celebrated.

May 13, 2021

Annual Meeting and Luncheon Fundraiser to benefit our charities at Plandome CC

The Woman's Club of Douglaston would like to thank all who supported our Annual Meeting and Luncheon Fundraiser.Your generosity made this year's event one of our most successful ever!